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It’s back to Seattle in a matter of days. I’ve been here – home – for one day shy of sixteen weeks. But it suddenly doesn’t feel like enough.

I love this place more than I can say. Something about it.. The silence. The beauty. The space. The smell. The lifestyle. The way it makes me slow down, reflect, and be grateful. The way it reminds me of Something greater. It’s better than anything I’ve experienced elsewhere.

My hope is to one day I’ll call this place home again.

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  • wangs

    on September 26, 2012  8:27 am

    beautiful. :) like this reflection post. and love those tall skinny trees, my favorite.

  • Zander

    on September 26, 2012  2:37 pm

    Hey Tori, awesome thoughts. Glad to see someone else feels that way about our wonderful home. Oh and great photos too :)

  • Marina Koslow

    on September 26, 2012  8:18 pm

    I think you should just stay. You belong here. Period.