Kelsey + Nathan || Camp Sherman, Oregon Wedding

Wow. If I had to describe Nathan and Kelsey’s country wedding in one word, it would definitely be ‘meaningful’. Okay, and if I could use two words I would also use ‘naturally-beautiful’ (does that count as one word?). Every bit of this day meant something special to the couple, which was so neat. The location itself was were the bride’s mother grew up (the beautiful House on the Metolius), while the table cloths at the reception were provided by the groom’s grandmother. Nathan’s ring was made by the oh-so talented Kyra, who was a bridesmaid (selfish plug: and also one of my dear childhood friends). Kelsey and her father rode into the ceremony on a carriage that had been in their family for years, while the horse that pulled it had been hers since childhood. Perfect, right?

If you know me, I love memories. So this day just got me all giddy inside. And not only because of all the meaning, but because of the love that just radiated from Nathan and Kelsey. These two have been dating for seven whole years (yup, you heard me), and appreciate each other for everything they are, which is so amazing.

Okay, okay. Enough of me rambling.

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  • dorothy

    on August 8, 2012  9:47 am

    these are awesome tori! good work.

  • Sarah Van Nortwick

    on August 8, 2012  10:08 am

    I love all of these images. What a beautiful little wedding!
    I did notice though, that the large vertical photo, immediately after the one where they both raise their hands at the alter, is posted as half-photo, half-grey box. Maybe the file never finished exporting or something. Just so you know. :)

  • Lucia

    on August 9, 2012  11:27 am

    So beautiful pictures! I want you as my wedding photographer (when it happens and if you come to Spain!). I really appreciate your work Victoria.

  • Laura

    on August 9, 2012  1:47 pm

    This seems as if it comes straight out of a country-movie. What a pretty location. I love her dress and the cowboy boots. The light and colors in all your photos is so beautiful.

  • David Ogden

    on August 9, 2012  4:14 pm

    My daughter, a friend of Kelsey's, attended this wedding and shared this website with me. These are stunning photos--partly it's the environment and the handsome participants, but a good photographer is one who makes this all look natural and easy. It's not easy and it's not necessarily natural, so this photographer, Ms. Carlson, has done an extraordinary job bringing these images to us. I really enjoyed looking at them.