Kelsey & North Bend || Personal

Hey internet world. Remember Kelsey from this day? Welp, you are in luck. She’s here again.

On this particular winter day, we planned on venturing to the base of the North Cascades to a cute little mountain town to take some photos.. However, we ran into a slight problem. A problem called rain. Now, rain doesn’t stop us much here in the Pacific Northwest. We do all the usual stuff.. ALL in the rain. However, trying to do a photoshoot in the rain (and actually enjoy it)? A bit difficult. We stuck it out for a few minutes (ya, we didn’t make it too long) and then decided to call it quits and go eat french fries and milkshakes at a cute diner down the street. (AKA THE BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE.) So here’s a little peak at our five minute shoot and the meal that added a nice layer of winter of warm to our bodies. Don’t get too jealous.

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