Rest || Seattle, WA Personal

Evenings like this revive my soul.

These incredible moments of natural beauty – that no man could attempt to replicate – come to us at just the right times. Times when we are feeling broken; when we feel defeated; when we need comfort; when we are full of thanksgiving; when we are overflowing with joy. These moments of beauty give us the peace we so desperately need; fill our souls and defeat our loneliness; allow us to stand in awe of an unfathomable expression of love; giving us the chance to surrender our pain, our weaknesses, our worries – and just rest. Rest in the knowledge that One much greater than ourselves has brought us this moment of beauty and rest; what an incredible expression of love – we are loved so deeply.

Though I know there is absolutely no way to capture the whole, unique experience of a moment like this, I hope these images bring your soul a moment of rest.

Also, listen to the beautiful song Florence by Crooked Still – truly calms my soul. Maybe even listen to it while looking at these images – take a few minutes to just rest.


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