I don’t even feel as though I need to introduce this girl because I am positive that 99.836% of you guys know who this beautiful, lively girl is, thanks to her spunk and endless joy. But hey, I want to, so I’m going to do it anyways.

This here is Emily. Now, Emily and I grew up together. Her older sister and I spend many days playing together as kids – jumping on the trampoline, watching her dad paint, dancing to Stacie Orrico, and all that jazz. So naturally, I spent time with Em as well. But of course, that was years ago, when we were just kids. So, since then we “grew up”. I went to school in Seattle, and two years later, Em joined. And I must say, though I enjoyed her when we were young, I REALLY enjoy this girl now. We have gotten to spend some time together now that we are both in Seattle, and she is just such a joy to me. Every time she jumps in the car when I pick her up, she brings a presence like no other – happiness, kindness, and a genuine love for others. She has truly blessed me, and I am so thankful that I got to play with her as a child, and now talk, connect, and develop a stronger friendship now as adults (wait, we aren’t adults – we’re still kids, right?).

Em, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Truly, your kind spirit just radiates from you. I know everyone you meet feels the same way – thanks for blessing us all.