Internet world, meet my best friend, MacKenzie. This girl and I have been through everything together. Ever since we were five, we have played soccer together, made up weird songs, played pranks, lifeguarded, had sleepovers, talked about our futures, and whispered and giggled about many, many crushes. For the last four years, MacKenzie has talked about one boy, and one boy alone – Cody. The summer after our senior year, we were lifeguarding for the umpteenth year at Black Butte Ranch, and we met a firefighter on the ranch (hint, hint – Cody) that was funny and older; the guy all the girls were curious about. Of course, he fell for MacKenzie right away (who wouldn’t?!). That summer was full of fly-fishing, adventuring, star-gazing from the firehouse lookout, and more fly-fishing. Over the next few years, they went through ups and downs, break ups and make ups, but at sunrise on the 4th of July, Cody decided to stop all that uncertainty, and with a ring on the end of a fly rod, he asked MacKenzie to marry him. Fast forward two months (quick engagement, right?!) and there they were: out in a peaceful field, with the beautiful Three Sisters mountains behind, family and friends all around. Cody got his greatest catch of all – MacKenzie.

This day was so so special to me. MacKenzie has been such a good friend and encourager to me over the years. She is a Godly, level-headed, wise, loving, adventurous woman that has taught me so much. Just by having her in my life, I have had the opportunity to see an incredible woman of God go about life in a loving and selfless way. MacKenzie definitely encourages me to be more loving, more daring, more selfless, and strive to know God more and more. I am the luckiest girl to have gotten to grow up with this incredible woman.

And Cody. This guy was made for Kenz. He accentuates everything that I love about Kenzie; everything lovely and wonderful about her is even more lovely and wonderful. I’m so thankful they have found each other and have based their relationship on the Lord. It is such an encouragement to me. Yay for awesome relationships!

I was so blessed to be asked to be MacKenzie’s maid of honor along with her sweet sister, Liz. Additionally, I got to take their first look photos, as well as a wide array of photos throughout the day. Since I was IN the wedding, it was a little difficult to get photos of the ceremony and bridal party (I’m not a magician, surprisingly), so I had some amazing help. Thanks to Haley, my sweet sister for coming early that morning to help take some photos of us all getting ready and for shooting the bridal party images! It’s hard to round up twenty people and have them all look at the camera at once – yikes! And many thanks to Josh Uttley and Eli Odegaard for shooting on such short notice and getting some awesome ceremony images – so thankful for your willingness and flexibility.