So, remember that time I shot my best friend’s wedding? Well, if you don’t, here is a reminder. Anyway, guess what? I HAVE TWO BEST FRIENDS. Ya, crazy right. Tori, having friends at all? Wacky. But it’s true, and this here blog post is about the other one of them. Her name is Nicole. And she has been an incredible second shooter for this wedding and that wedding and was a bridesmaid in this wedding. WHEW SHE’S EVERYWHERE! So I visited this cute girl in LA this week and had the best time ever, ever, ever. We visited Joshua Tree (see our adventure here), watched lame scary movies and great rom-coms, ate wonderful food, hung out with some fun boys, laughed a lot, slept a little, and did other things best friends do. Additionally, we did a lil’ day trip to Venice Beach and I had the pleasure of taking Nicole’s senior photos! Yes, it’s true – this girl will be a college grad in a matter of months! What a stud. So, to sum it all up: Nicole is my bestie, she is cute, she is graduating, and here she is.