What a fun love story these two have.

Awhile ago, Seth got a job at a restaurant in Portland, and met a cute girl who also was working there (hint hint, Phyllisha). Eventually, they discovered that they had both attended the same high school. (Awesome side note – the same high school I attended!) Though the school had a small attendance around 500 students, and both lived in a town of only a few thousand people, they had no idea who each other were. Now, fast-forward to June 2013. Seth is standing across from his bride in front of an audience filled with family and friends; marrying his true love. It’s so incredible to me that two people can pass each other in the hallways every school day for years, and never meet. And then finally, years later, in a different city, meet and fall in love. Stories like this remind me that a Divine hand is active in our destiny.

What a joy it was to shoot their wedding – having known Phyllisha since we were in kindergarden, and Seth since our mothers became close friends almost a decade ago.


Congratulations to you both!