Anatomy & Physiology & Biology & Human Nutrition.

Posters on the negative affects of a low birth weight, pages and pages of diseases we couldn’t pronounce, and lots of late nights poundin’ the caffeine.

These are the ways Taylor and I came to be friends in college. Now, here we are, one year after graduation, and I have the privilege of shooting the union of her and Mike.

If you’ve met Mike and Taylor, you know what I mean when I say that these two are some of the most loving and genuine people you’ll ever meet. I remember thinking when Taylor and I first became friends that I had never met someone so genuinely interested in me. But Mike and Taylor COMBINED? Oh boy, it’s incredible. It would only make sense that Taylor would find someone that is just as caring and authentic as herself. Us three met about a month or two ago to discuss wedding details, and at our shoot this week, Mike remembered so many little comments I had said and asked how they were going, any updates, etc. The memories of these two individuals are absolutely beyond normal. (This proved to be incredibly helpful for Taylor when we studied for Microbiology.. You could say I was a BIT jealous.)  Seriously though, these two just have the biggest hearts and care so much for others. Plus they just love to have a good time. I can’t wait for their backyard wedding in August. It’s going to be a party and a half.